Onward with Jeremy Cooney
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With a deep commitment to creating the upstate economy of tomorrow, Jeremy seeks to Bring new leadership to the senate ready to fight for Rochester.

Born in an Indian orphanage, Jeremy was adopted by a courageous single-mother and grew up in the South Wedge neighborhood of the City of Rochester, part of the 56th Senate District. Raised in an Irish family, he inherited a strong sense of family, faith, and our famous upstate accent.  

Jeremy has devoted his career to serving our community—from the YMCA to government. Previously, Jeremy served as Senior Director for Community Relations for Empire State Development, where he helped manage economic development initiatives on behalf of Governor Andrew Cuomo. He also served as Chief of Staff for Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, a law clerk for New York Governor David Paterson, and as a staff aide to the late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

With a deep commitment to creating the upstate economy of tomorrow, Jeremy seeks to bring new leadership to the senate ready to fight for Rochester. In Albany, Jeremy will advance a bold, forward-looking agenda. Jeremy will fight for an economy where everyone can earn a living wage and has the opportunity to get ahead. Jeremy will ensure all students receive a quality education and feel safe in their schools—no matter their zip code. Jeremy will be an advocate for our environment by supporting renewable energy jobs and committing to reduce our carbon footprint. And, Jeremy will uphold the dignity of every New Yorker—including supporting state protections for reproductive rights, The DREAM Act, and GENDA.

Jeremy graduated from the Rochester City School District, received a B.A. with honors from Hobart College and a J.D. from Albany Law School. He was named “Forty Under 40” by the Rochester Business Journal and is a proud Eagle Scout. Today, Jeremy lives downtown—across the street from his amazing girlfriend, Diane—who both love Rochester.



Paychecks over Promises.

We need real jobs that our neighbors can get today, not just short-term tax cuts that don’t result in actual hiring. We must re-imagine public education to better integrate career training in high school, rather than focusing solely on post-secondary education. This will allow us to more quickly grow our workforce and make upstate New York more competitive for prospective employers. I will also work to find new state funding for job training programs to be administered not by government but by businesses and the skilled-trades so we can ensure our neighbors get paid for on-the-job training and are ready to get to work. Let’s be creative but aggressive. We’re tired of waiting.


All Kids Matter, Not their Zip Codes.

Here's the reality -- New York schools and students are falling behind. My own school system, the Rochester City School District, is the worst performing district in the state. And whether urban or suburban, our principals and teachers are not empowered to make change in schools, our educational curriculum is outdated, and we need more funding for arts and athletics. We must think differently and act boldly to promote change - no more quick fix policies or excuses. A continually failing city school district endangers our entire region's economic growth and we must intervene. I support public school choice, so that all families can choose the best public school to meet their needs. I also support higher educational affordability and student loan forgiveness programs. I’m pro-student, pro-parent, pro-teacher, and I’ll be a champion for educational justice in every zip code in New York.

Gun Safety.

gun Sense laws are common sense.

Talk is cheap, action is needed. As a lawyer and citizen, I will support the enforcement of common-sense gun regulations already on the books and will work to develop new measures to keep our children and families safe. This includes passing legislation that would create Extreme Risk Protection Orders to prevent gun violence before tragedy occurs.  It also means supporting more gun buy-back programs in urban centers and fighting against the putting more guns inside schools by non-law enforcement personnel. As a society of laws, we can protect second amendment rights without the need for compromise on what’s right for public safety.



Pro-Woman. Pro-LGTBQ. Pro-Dreamer. Pro-Diversity. 

New York may be a progressive state but there is still plenty of work to be done in the area of social justice. I will fight for and support measures in the New York State Senate which seek to:

• Prevent continued financial discrimination through the cash bail system in our courts

• Preserve access to safe and legal abortion

• Prevent discrimination based on gender identity or expression

• Provide children of undocumented immigrants the opportunity to apply for state college tuition assistance

I believe diversity is a strength and not a weakness.

Representation matters. If elected, I will be the first Indian American to serve the New York Senate and represent the next generation of immigrants who love this state and nation.

Climate change.

It’s Not About Whether It’s True, It’s What Are We Going To Do.

The time for debate about climate change has passed, the science proves this is a reality. The question now is what are the policies we need to put in place to effectively manage the effects and secure our future? I believe a stronger environmental agenda isn't just for protecting our habitat but is in the interest of public health, the good of our families and for generations to come. I support legislation that will move NYS to adopt a 100% clean energy system by 2030 and climate action plans for local communities like Monroe County. I believe investments in public transit, including cycling infrastructure, are critical to reducing emissions. I also support initiatives that would create new jobs in the renewable energy sector and through housing retrofitting.


Legalization To End Discrimination.

With the legalization of cannabis, Upstate can realize new economic development opportunities in one of the fastest growing agri-business industries. But, it’s not just about economics, legalizing cannabis is also a social justice issue. Legalization will end the discriminatory enforcement and incarceration of minority populations that has been proven to exist.


Just like my mom, I’m a fighter.

Like so many others, I lost a loved-one to dementia and cancer. My mother, Anne, died when I was just 33. I know firsthand that cancer and dementia are awful diseases. As caregivers, spouses or children, we often feel helpless to these incurable conditions. But, we can do something. I will push to improve home care programs and access to skilled-nursing facilities for low-income seniors. I will also work to protect seniors with dementia from financial exploitation.


Keep our talent local.

Every year we lose young talent from our city. Why? Because of a lack of jobs in upstate. For the last 15 years, I have been actively working to create a better quality of life in Greater Rochester for young professionals. Now, I want to take the next step and create new laws and programs that incentivize recent graduates to stay or return to upstate to work here, purchase a home here and raise their families here. We need New York State to be an aggressive recruiter for young people upstate, otherwise my friends and your family-members will continue to look elsewhere.

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